My dad and I circa 1998.

My dad and I circa 1998.

Hey, I’m Miriam

A digital marker, recipe builder, and traveler from Toronto. I started my blog in late 2016 as a place to word play while I was in school for international business.

As an overachiever by nature, it’s here where I strive to share the best stories from my adventures, and recipes that are often inspired by my Jewish Russian background.

Many of my recipes can also be found on the CJN while my writing has been published in Corporate Knights, College Fashionista, Harness Magazine, and The Insider Media Group.

Aside from blogging, you can find me on wheels either a bicycle or motorcycle. Buying another pair of shoes I really don’t need. Planning my next venture. Or simply trying to find love.

If you are looking to work with me, please do reach out at You can also follow my Instagram @miriamamdur or add me on LinkedIn.

With love, 

Miriam Amdur