How to Wear the Same Shirt for 5 Days


white shirt - Gap / denim jacket - Topshop / tote bag - Express / red skirt - Zara / Kimono (from Japan) 

Doing the laundry can be really annoying. Especially when you live with a traditional mother who still makes you separate colours when you wash your clothes. That's why I rarely get around to washing certain clothing items, and generally speaking it's just so much easier to grab the first thing you see. Unless this piece of clothing smells and/or has a stain on it, then you have no choice - you have to wash it. 

Anyway, I decided to experiment with a new idea that I was having; is it possible to wear the same thing for five days without anyone noticing?
Obviously it is because my brother wears the same sweaty shit for an entire month, so I must be able to get away with wearing one white shirt for five days. Also, every fashion cliché out there will tell you that it's all about accessorizing and that anything you wear can be transformed by adding a chunky necklace to it. 

Let's review what I wore to achieve lazy chic status. 

1) First up, is the shirt, white capris, and a denim jacket. White on white is something that really scares me because what if I get my period, or drop my lunch on my thighs? Then what will I do? But I think it's worth taking the risk, especially since a denim jacket can always be wrapped around your waist if you get your period, and you can penguin walk home. 

2) For the second look I decided to wear the same capris, and just added a gingham pattern top on top of the shirt. I remember wearing something similar in like grade 4, but layering will always be the key to success. As they say in Russia - more is more

3) I call the third ensemble - the Minnie Mouse wannabe. This is perfect for an ice cream date with Mickey, but even if you're not Minnie Mouse it's still good enough to leave your house in. 

4) In the picture with the fourth outfit I posed like an Olympic bronze medalist to show the happiness I was feeling for making it to day four of wearing the same shirt. The kimono is light and acts as the perfect colour contrast.

5) I would describe the last look as the seventh grade English teacher from the '90s walking from the parking lot to her classroom. She needs to remain professional with her outfit choices, but wants to stay up to date with the latest trends because she's new to teaching and wants to find a life mate. 

It can be difficult  to wear the same shirt for five days, and it's not as easy as simply adding a necklace to your look. But, if you spice things up with some comedic imagination you can look just as fresh on day one and day five.  

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