More is More?


I have a firm belief that there is no greater display of fashion and personal style than at the grocery store. At this one place we're able to discover so many different ways to wear the classic suit, and even more ways to pull off sweatpants like the best working mom in the neighborhood.  

That being said, I don't think that anyone has ever witnessed True Fashion unless they've been to a Russian deli. This is the place to show off your personal style and where the fashion philosophy of "more is more" is truly implemented. 

The Russian deli is where you see women dressed to the nines simply to pick up some eggs. Don't be confused - they're not coming from a runway show, they dress up for the sole reason that they're leaving their house and need to impress themselves (and only themselves). And trust me when I say that they truly embrace the "more is more" philosophy and their individuality- these women go all out with purses, and shoes that make their legs look fabulous while pushing shopping carts. Women can have it all, and their over-the-top fur coats can prove it.

We're often told that "less is more," especially when it comes to dressing well. But is fashion telling us otherwise?

Let's take a look at the Gucci Cruise 2017 collection or that of Marc Jacobs. By just a quick glance, it's easy to see that colour is dominant, layering is encouraged, and a party of accessories is almost obligatory. The "more is more" way of dressing was fully embraced. 

It's fact that by the way we dress, we express more about ourselves than we even intend to let out. Being the off-beat person that I am, I like when my clothes reflect the crazy asshole that I am inside. Solely because I'm a person that believes that beauty fades and funny is forever, I care very little about what others think about my way of dressing- go big or go home, you know? 

What fascinates me most about the Russian women at the grocery store is not that they follow the latest fashion trends, but that they can walk into a store with pink fluffy boots and give zero shits about what everyone else is thinking about them. This is a mentality we should embrace in fashion, and in life. Following the "more is more" philosophy doesn't mean you have to layer 50 gold necklaces like a mobster wannabe, it's about wearing whatever you want and looking like whoever you want, and not caring what the barista at Starbucks thinks about you.

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