The Cat Ladies Are Icons?

I'll have to admit that I've always been more of a dog person. This is mainly due to the fact that I'm slightly allergic to cats, and I like that dogs are emotionally shallow enough to love you unconditionally (i.e. even when you forget to feed them and when there's literally nothing good about you).

However, there is something special about the cat lady aesthetic. Their independent and mysterious nature, and ability to pull off sunglasses at all times of the day makes them appeal almost sexy. I'm sure that's why some of the latest trends seem to take inspiration from cat ladies themselves (i.e. silk robes, slippers, and shit with cats on it).   

I'm completely against the idea that you need to be wearing a cat sweater to be considered a cat lady. I think that the elegance and longingness for love displayed by these icons doesn't need to be overt in order to be understood. Therefore, I decided to create looks that I can only hope the ladies themselves would approve of.  


I call this first look - divorced single woman living on the Upper East Side with a landline phone. She wears cool pants and vibrant tops because she fully believes that more is more. Her slippers and silk robe are her most valuable possessions, but she would never leave the house wearing them. And of course, a purse so small that it only carries her wallet and the veterinarian's phone number.  


The second look is one of a more friendly and approachable woman. She's the cardigan-wearing cat lady that is extremely neighbourly and wears polka dots 90% of the time. She loves print, especially leopard, so today she decided to wear leopard print shoes. 

As you can tell, cat ladies can have style whether they choose to wear cat sweaters or not. Remember - the "crazy cat lady" of your neighbourhood isn't an emotionally unstable and super lonely woman, she's a low key fashion icon

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