When Was the First Time You Felt Like a Woman?

Image via Tumblr.

Image via Tumblr.

I've never really thought seriously about this question, but it became something that I wanted to answer after rewatching a scene from La Vie en Rose. Near the end of movie, Edith Piaf meets a journalist on the beach for an interview. She's asked a variety simple questions, one of which is: "what is your favorite memory as a woman?" Piaf responded with, "my first kiss." 

I then went on to ask myself the same thing, which for some reason made me really emotional. But it got me thinking about my favorite memory, which then led me to my primary question: when was the first time I felt like a woman? 

I'd have to say that it was when I felt truly independent, so much so that I was really able to love myself and others around me. A few years ago I spent the summer in a small town in Qu├ębec. I was there for a French exchange program, but I learned more about who I was than anything else. 

No, I didn't fall in love while I was there. Well, at least not once, but eight times, with the some of the most fabulous people I'd ever met. They were the first to encourage my love for style and fashion, and together we shared intimate details of our lives, and did many scandalous things. My time with them left me feeling confident, which allowed me to feel like the best version of myself. 

I asked one of my best friends the same question, and she said that she feels most like a woman when she's all dressed up, because then she's really able to love herself. My mom had the most typical answer saying that the first time she felt most like a woman was when she met my dad. I guess that no matter when or how we most felt or feel like women, it still all comes down to one thing - love. 

The journalist in the movie also asked Piaf "What would be your advice to a woman?" To which she answers, "Love." So maybe the greatest thing we'll learn is how to love, and how to be loved in return.